Earlier this week most of the luxury and famous brands received a permit for testing driver-less cars in the California state. The state government gave out about 29 permits to these car companies. However, Mercedes has also joined the force to test its driver-less cars in the state. The permits were given to Audi, Mercedes, Benz and Google to test its SUVs.

The permits are effective since 16th September, and the companies are now testing their cars on the California roads. Earlier Google only was allowed to test their driver-less vehicles without any permit. However, the companies are still not sure about how these cars will perform. It is being said that the car may behave abruptly such as applying sudden breaks, or taking control without any prior notification to the driver.

In a statement, Mercedes-Benz said that test drivers “must recognize clearly when the car is in autonomous driving mode and must be able to override this mode at any time; in addition, the car must be capable of stopping autonomously at any time.”

Automakers, including Audi and Mercedes, will be manufacturing their cars in Germany and then will be testing them on the roads of US. The engineers at the automakers will be teaching about operating a car and other important features.

A driver-less car usually includes a lot of sensors responsible to sensing the surrounding environment. These manufacturers take help of these embedded sensors to measure distance from the other cars and navigation. They are also responsible for the emergency brakes and speed control.

However on the other side, the companies are also involved in making these cars secure. Secure by the sense that they are not prone to hacking attempts. “If we say we’re making safe cars, that doesn’t just apply to the mechanical technology but to data security,” Hohmann-Dennhardt said at the event in Stuttgart.

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