Mexico City’s push to promote breastfeeding by featuring topless models is being slammed by health advocates across the globe.

Health advocates claim that the models portray an unrealistic image to new moms. By using sexualised images of toned and topless models on billboards, it gives new mothers an unrealistic view of what motherhood will be like.

The images are more suited towards men, especially with slogans in Spanish that read “Don’t turn your back on them … Give them your breast.” Men will probably be far more interested in the billboards than women, although it is women who really need to take in the message.

Mexico has among the lowest breastfeeding rates in Latin America. Only 14 percent of women follow the recommended breastfeeding standard set by the World Health Organization. That standard recommends that women exclusively nurse their child for at least 6 months before weening the child off of breast milk and subsidizing it with other forms of nutrition.

There are many reasons that women in Mexico are not breastfeeding, with poverty and poor nutrition the top two reasons. Women in Mexico are also entering the workforce, and the long work days cut down on breastfeeding times during the day. Not only that, but the use of breast pumps is prohibited in many cases, and highly discouraged in others.

Health advocates have also recently pointed out that Mexico is unwilling to regulate companies that make and sell baby formula. The country still has not signed World Health Organization documents that restrict hospitals form handing out free baby formula and trying to market it to new mothers.

While Mexico does have rules that seek to have doctors and nurses promote breastfeeding, there is little enforcement of those rules.

Although Mexico is definitely trying to make a push to promote breastfeeding, it should do so in a different manner. But, on the up side, at least the country is trying.


18 Responses

  1. Juan Roberto Jimenez Gonzales

    Is that mexican “model” a tranny? No me gusta.

  2. James Hall

    Americans criticizing ad campaigns in foreign countries. It doesn’t get any more hypocritical than that. Have a bikini burger.

  3. Buzzby19491

    Perhaps in a more traditional society like Mexico, it makes sense to aim such ads at men, if they are the ones who tell their wives what to do.

  4. YouAreWelcome

    Search for Mama Cabbage or Ana Garcia on YouTube and you can see the reality of breastfeeding through 3 years of age.

  5. disqus_GS46e5I0h0

    ok, diabetes i got. the next word i’m guessing is obesity. but, the last one, infartos, looks like gas to me. interesting that there’s no baby in the poster. and, the boxing gloves? no wonder breast feeding is down.

      • Jack Hammer

        Looks like she took several to the face…and at least one to the cooch.

  6. cjb in abq

    Don’t stop nursing the baby at 6 months, you can start adding other food then, but keep nursing until baby is at least one year old, longer is better !

  7. Irving

    “There are many reasons that women in Mexico are not breastfeeding, with poverty and poor nutrition the top two reasons.”

    They’re so poor that they can’t keep their knees together?


  8. robger65

    It looks like they hired the Madmen ad agency for this media promotion. Should have been a woman who isn’t a model, wearing a “supermom” super hero outfit, while breastfeeding a baby. She could be surrounded by a mini van, older kids in soccer outfits pulling on her in different directions, a demanding boss and a husband with a fork and knife in his hands as if asking “where’s dinner?”, while keeping her chin in the air conquering all challenges.

  9. DSilvermane

    Why is it a man can go about topless, yet a woman cannot. What happened to equal rights movement for women? Equal means completely equal!

    Nudity is NOT sexual! (It is the media that presents it in sexual ways!)

    • bang

      When I see a man’s dick on HBO as often as I see women’s boobs, then we can talk

      • robger65

        Why would you equate boobs to dick? Plenty of man boobs on HBO. Hate your own body? Wouldn’t think of subjecting anybody to look at your clit -n- lips? People are making millions selling magazines that show “that”? Obviously there is a guy or two that wants to see “that”. Men who grow up in places like Europe where women are topless at the beaches don’t see breasts as sexual, beautiful yes, but not sexual. That would make breastfeeding technically sexual. Forcing women to cover their breasts, while men don’t have to, is the same as forcing a women to wear a burka. At the turn of the last century a woman could be arrested for showing her ankles or knees. Those crazy people that said ankles are not sexual are probably a real blast in the sack.

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