Reliable sources have indicated that Microsoft will be making major job cuts this week. It is assumed that Microsoft will be breaking their 2009 record, in which the tech company laid off 5,800 people.

The upcoming layoffs could be the biggest in the company’s history, although there has not yet been an official announcement about how many jobs will be cut. The job cuts are expected to impact engineering, advertising, marketing and the global Xbox team. Software testers may lose their jobs.

The layoffs are happening to reduce costs for Microsoft. Some other software and technology companies have been cutting jobs recently, as well. Back in May, Hewlett-Packard Co Chief Executive Officer Meg Whitman announced plans to possibly cut up to 16,000 jobs.

So far, Microsoft’s spokesperson Peter Wootton has been silent about the jobs cuts, but Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella announced last week that he would be making big changes, indicating that layoffs could be approaching.

Although the technology and software company has around 127,000 employees, the impending layoffs could greatly reduce that number. Back in 2009, 5,800 people lost their jobs, which at that time was about 5 percent of the workforce. That number is expected to be larger, although we won’t know for sure until it is announced later in the week.

Microsoft’s last round of layoffs happened in 2012. The advertising and marketing departments were impacted, but on a far lesser degree.

Stay tuned for more information coming later this week on Microsoft’s job cuts.

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