Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) is now in for putting a bid on one of the most popular game ever, the Minecraft for no less than $2.5 billion. It has been rumored that the Redmond giant is willing to buy the most played and popular game in the entire era, and the company is likely to announce it by this Monday.

We are still not able to get why Microsoft is putting a huge bid on to it; a few of the developers and reports stated that, the company is trying to put this game on the mobile devices, including Nokia Lumia. It is without any doubt that Minecraft is the most played game, and users will love it on their Windows Phone.

However, there is no scope that the company will put it out for the Xbox One or its predecessor, Xbox 360. Analysts believe that the company is going to refrain themselves from putting out any version of the Minecraft for these gaming consoles.

Rick Sherlund, a Nomura analyst, said that they don’t think Microsoft is planning to bring more players on the Xbox One console, but instead he believes that Minecraft for Windows Phone will surely bring a lot of money to Microsoft’s pocket. Sherlund added that if Microsoft buys Minecraft, they could work on bringing a more powerful Minecraft edition on Windows Phone than the current Android or iOS has.

Meanwhile, the creator and co-founder of the Majong has criticized Microsoft in the past and now were discussing selling it to the company. The fans, however, are not very much happy about it, and calling it an end of the MC. One of tweets read, “the end of MC.”

However, if this happens, Microsoft will be able to produce a better version of Minecraft for Windows Phone, than the current version Android and iOS has.

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