American philanthropist and Microsoft’s co-founder, Paul G. Allen has pledged to provide $100 million for cell research at the Allen Institute for Cell Science, Seattle.

Paul G. Allen had earlier set up the Allen Institute for Brain Science, and together with the Allen Institute for Cell Science, will be housed in a seven-story building that is currently undergoing construction in Seattle.

According to Allen, the organization will be for non-profit, and it will focus on research as it relates to human genetic information, cell development, as well as cell behavior among others. The objective of the cell and gene research project according to the philanthropist is to provide a “comprehensive, predictive model of the cell.”

The grant for the research project had been announced at the American Society for Cell Biology which holds its meeting annually in Philadelphia. The project managers have however announced that data and tools used by the institute will definitely be made available to the public at no costs whatever.

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