Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) today laid off yet another 2,100 employees in the company. Company previously announced to lay off about 18,000 employees by the end of this year, and has laid around 15,000 employees until now. The Redmond giant confirmed about that they have laid off 2,100 employees, out of which 747 were from the headquarters based in Redmond.


Company’s spokesperson said that the layoff has been made from the different units, however, declined to specify the exact teams. The company in the month of the July said about laying off 18,000 employees working worldwide. The company has already pulled off nearly as many as 12000 employees and now the other 2100. Microsoft is still going to lay off the remaining 3000 employees anytime soon.

When Microsoft settled a deal with the Nokia, it acquired as many as 25,000 employees working for it, however; the Redmond giant was unable to pay that much of employees and performance in the stock market was also not good.

The employees that got laid off do not belong to a particular location. However, they are spread across different offices of the Microsoft across the globe. Microsoft for now is trying to be nimble and is decreasing its workforce to an appropriate level.

Microsoft is also looking forward to re-align its nonfull time employees by 20 percent. The layoff is going to add a lot of the unemployment, and will cause suffering to those to who lost a job. Microsoft is still planning to lay off yet another 2900 workers from the team.

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