Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) is likely to announce its upcoming next generation of Windows operating system, Windows 9 Threshold. Inside the Redmond giant office, the product is commonly known as ‘Threshold’, whereas the people outside it are calling it Windows 9. This new version of the Windows is expected to set new grounds that have been lost due to its predecessor Windows 8.

Like most of the companies, the Redmond giant is also maintaining a tradition of consecutive failure and success. If we go back in the past, not too far, Windows Vista was a complete flop whereas Windows 7 was able to touch the sky. The product was appreciated by the customers and the people in the enterprise.

However, the big news here is that the company is going to rename it to reflect its forward thinking and way of working. “Threshold”, along with the all the features that have been left out in Windows 8, will also come loaded with some of the never been seen features that directly benefits the user and enterprise.

Its without a doubt that the Windows is most used OS system in both the corporate and personal use sector, and the most lovable feature of it is the Start Menu. It not only eases access to the files residing on the hard drive, but also clusters important features, including control panel, into one place. However, the release of Windows 8 received a lot of criticizing as it removed the Start Menu and replaced it Metro UI, and another big news here is that the company is bringing it back with an improved overall design. According to the rumors, the tiles now will appear in the Start Menu and it will be lot easier them to access.

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