Microsoft has recently unveiled its new photo-sharing app, Xim. It is currently available only on Windows and Android platform, and will soon be launched for iOS also. This app can come handy when you want to share your photographs, but don’t want to post them online or pass the phone around the room, or even when you don’t want others to scroll through the rest of your camera roll.

This app facilitates the users to share photos stored in cloud storage including OneDrive, Dropbox and social networking accounts (like Facebook and Instagram) with others. It even works when the app isn’t installed on other devices. For such devices, Xim sends a URL for the image (or slideshow) and shares it with other persons via text message or mail.

“Only one person needs Xim for all to participate. Pick your source, pick your photos, and pick your people – your friends don’t even need to have the app installed. Anyone in the Xim can advance the show, or pan and zoom to see that special detail,” Microsoft said in a statement.
Moreover, the images shared via Xim are self-destructible, so now there is no more worry about over-sharing of photos, further reducing the security and storage concerns.

Microsoft further said, “With Xim you’ll never have to worry again about mistakenly “oversharing” – be it a personal photo, or that little cold you’re getting over. Your friends can enjoy photos from the comfort of their own seat and screen rather than waiting turns or huddling around one phone. Because anyone invited to a Xim can advance the photos and all screens are synchronized, Xim is a unique shared experience in which everyone knows they are looking at and talking about the same photo, even when not in the same room together.”

The Xim is now freely downloadable from the Windows Phone Store and the Google Play store, and will be available for iOS at the Apple App store soon.

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