Microsoft has released a major update for Xbox platform. The update, being called the One November update for now, is not path breaking since Microsoft wanted it that way – something not too complicated which could backfire with bugs etc., thereby ruining the software giant’s chances of cashing in on the upcoming holiday season. The update, which became available on Saturday, gives users the ability to add new customization options, Twitter integration, TV watching features, ability to set up user profiles and a lot more.

Xbox users who did not have the option to customize their backgrounds till now will be able to do so by setting a background of their choice right from their USB drive while watching the images using the media player. The background can be in the PNG format or JPEG format. Not only that, users can also set up theme art of their achievements as background. This background will appear in the form of a big tile on the Xbox screen.

Users also get the “showcase” option while creating their user profile now. Using this feature, they can share the clips of their favorite game plays and achievements with their friends- meaning more chances of flaunting their gaming feats!

Talking about Twitter integration, though it is not complete like the users get in an Xbox 360, they will now get the option to tweet about their game clips recorded on the Xbox One now. They will also be able to see the trending TV shows in the console’s native TV guide. These features have been named Twitter TV trending and Live TV trending.

In addition to these main features, Xbox users will now be able to search what they were looking for rather easily because of tow new features. First being the option to restart the console from the menu which helps users avoid all the hassle of getting up and resetting it manually. The second one is the option to download Games With Gold on their console using their smartphones from wherever they are. That means, the game will be download and ready for use by the time they get back home and gear up for the gaming session.

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