Microsoft revealed at their annual BUILD conference that the Start Menu would return with a new Metro design. Considering this was one of the most requested features to be added to Windows 8, it is about time Microsoft made a move, but it looks like we won’t be seeing the new Start Menu anytime this year.

New reports from sources working on Threshold, the next release of Windows, state the Windows 8 Start Menu will be coming when that new update is launched in 2015 and the update for 2014 will not contain the Start Menu. This is backed up by a good amount of evidence showing Microsoft wants to keep the Start Menu until the release of Windows 9.

Threshold is expected to continue the work Windows 8 and 8.1 started, adding to the Metro UI with some intelligent new functionality between Windows Phone and Windows, alongside new features for the PC operating system. When first launched a lot of people found the Start UI polarising compared to desktop and complained about Microsoft moving to mobile.

In Windows 9, Microsoft will reportedly look to fix some of the polarising issues by working on desktop to Start UI design and how users work on both interfaces. The question really is if anyone wants both interfaces, one seems workable for tablets and the other is classic desktop, we wonder if Microsoft should not think about choosing between one or the other.

Microsoft did get trashed a bit at Apple’s annual WWDC event today, CEO Tim Cook showed a graph with 50 percent adoption rate on Mavericks OS and only 10 percent on Windows 8, followed by a trail of laughs from the crowd. At the event they announced OS X Yosemite, the new OS update that was anything but polarising, sticking with a familiar interface and simply flattening the UI a touch.

Apple has the right idea when it comes to PC updates right now and we hope Microsoft takes on board their rivals update cycle, considering their method is outdated and shows in how little enthusiasm there is for Windows 8.

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