When it comes to buy a Windows Phone in India, Nokia Lumia has the most dominating models in the market, starting from $163 (10,000 INR) it ends on having models worth $770 ( 47,000 INR).

Microsoft, following Google Android gave away the licence fees to bring up more companies on the board as Windows Phone manufactures. Company earlier this year in MWC  ( Mobile World Conference ) announced it will be partnering with a more number of companies in India including Karbonn, LAVA and Xolo.

Company aims at providing low cost Windows phones in Indian market, so as to attract more customers.

There are more number of Android users in country when we compare it with Windows, the reason being is the availability of Android phones for a price of as low as $81 (5000 INR)  and spending more thousands bucks, customers are getting devices with overall good performance including good RAM, GPU and processor. Where Windows phone starts at minimum cost of $160 (10,000 INR) are having less hardware performance as in Android phones.

All major companies including HTC, LG and Samsung manufacture Android phones in India, while Google does not charge a penny for OS, its services like GMail costs a bit.

By bringing companies like Xolo, LAVA and Karbonn on board, which are famous low end yet powerful Android phones in India, Microsoft will have a more number of customers on their side, But being an open source Android is customizable in many terms including user interface, which in turn is a key factor for selling phones in the country. While Windows misses it for not being an open source its not customizable until Microsoft gives it away for free.

Nokia recently launched two Android phones in the market Nokia XL and X. These phone starts with a minimum of $142 (8700 INR), including some great specs usually seen in a mid-range smartphones can be choice for customers.

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