Microsoft had its Windows 8.1 update leaked from the company’s servers itself. The very anticipated version of Windows 8.1 was to be launched by Microsoft during a conference in San Francisco on 2nd April, 2014. After being in hands of MSDN subscribers it accidentally landed into personal computers of public in general. While a few managed to update it, some tricked servers into believing as they are Microsoft employees.

Microsoft is expected to launch Windows 8.1 and Windows phone updates during a conference to be held in San Francisco on 2nd April 2014. But with minor security issues company had, it rolled out before time and with some changes in registry users were able to get it directly from Microsoft. Although the company fixed it in within a couple of hours, the update is still residing at many file hosting websites allowing anyone to install it.

On Wednesday company released an RTM, showing how the upcoming Windows may look like, while its not fully supported and having some drivers and compatibility issues, users are expected to practice some precautions before installing it. The new update include changes in Metro UI, task bar appearing in Modern environment with a permanent shutdown button on Start screen.

With this Microsoft is also ending support for Windows XP, which means company will not provide any further security updates for the operating system. After 8th April Windows XP users will encounter a dialogue box with a link to Microsoft website, asking to update to more secure and better version of Windows operating system.
Currently Windows XP holds a 32.5 percent market share and with end of support users are at a high security risk.
Budd, now a global-threat communications manager, Trend Micro, said. “It is my hope that everything will be OK, and I’m not rattled easily, but I am truly concerned,”.
Users can purchase a newer version of Windows or they may make a big leap into the world of open source by start using Linux operating systems like Ubuntu.

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