Microsoft Corp. will hold a “Windows event” in San Francisco on September 30th where it will launch the next generation of Windows operating system. But a German based website WinFuture, leaked a two minute video menu for Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 9 operating system has been leaked by German website WinFuture.

The video demonstrates the Start menu for Windows 9, operating very similar to previous demonstrations made by Microsoft on the re-introduced feature. Windows 9 Start menu has apps from the older Windows and new apps and Live Tiles of Windows 8 in its interface.

The old apps can are on the left side of the Start menu, which looks like the Start menus of older Windows operating systems. Microsoft received a significant amount of complaints on Windows 8, with one of the major problems of users being the removal of the iconic Start menu. The modern apps and Live Tiles are on the right of the older apps. The video expands on a leaked screenshot posted by Brad Sims of Neowin last July that showed the Start Menu being brought back to the Windows operating system.

Its upon the users, whether they want to collapse the right part of the Start menu. They can also lock or sign out by going through the accounts option on the top of the Start menu. Apps can also be pinned to the right side of the Start menu, the section thereby expands with larger numbers of apps. The leaked video has repeated mentions of floating versions of the new apps.

However, modern apps are no longer required to be snapped into a specific position or to be launched in full-screen, as they will operate like the traditional Windows programs that can be resized.It is a very early preview of the operating system. Many aspects of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows may possibly be changed once the operating system is released next year.A Windows Technical Preview is expected to be distributed by Microsoft at the end of September or at the beginning of October, which will allow enterprises and developers to study the changes for Windows 9.

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