While looking for a way to use the internet to help generate some source of extra income I came across Mo Mulla and his Instant Affiliate Payday course. This amazing package has so much to offer that I wanted to share it with my readers. Please read on as Mo talks about IAP and what it has to offer.

So what is IAP?

“IAP is a powerful software and training blueprint aimed at beginner and intermediate marketers alike. It harness the power of affiliate marketing and powerful list building strategies ensuring that ANYONE can make money by following the simple yet effective steps AND you don’t need your own product to do so!”

[Watch Instant Affiliate Paydays In Action Here]

Please explain what you mean.

“In essence we have developed a state or the art software that helps marketers make serious cash by building a list, building a marketing brand & marketing affiliate products all at the same time and easily with a few clicks of our secret IAP buttons.

The software comes complete with predesigned squeeze page templates to build an effective and importantly TARGETED list of subscribers who will buy from you AGAIN & AGAIN. As most the TOP marketeers know the money is in your list and we teach you in IAP how to build a high converting list as well as providing you the tools to build one in your chosen niche area, simply and easily.

Once you’ve chosen your list building template we’ve configured the software to allow you to customise any part of it. From the header, to the graphic to the download button, to the video & your call to action we’ve included it, so the user will have the easiest experience in customising their list building & affiliate marketing website.”

Sounds like this is an amazing software package. And I am sure that you have everyone’s interest. So what is included in your course. Another words how big is the bang for your buck?

[Grab Your Copy Of Instant Affiliate Paydays]

Here are the main training modules: [we’ve also got a few extra goodies for members inside the member area]

Module 1 – IAP Secret Software

Module 2 – Creating your Product & Niche Selection

Module 3 – Driving Mass Traffic

Module 4 – Monetization

Module 5 – Advanced Strategies – Putting your IAP Package on STEROIDS!

We’ve also included a  SECRET Viral ‘Add on’ to the software that comes with the package at no extra cost! This powerful add-on allows you to take your entire IAP campaign to the next level and is responsible for the BIG ‘paydays’…. check out module 5!

Sounds like a great package and something that I know my customer base would like to have. (I’ve included the link above and below for everyone who want to take advantage of this amazing course)

Mo do you have some closing words for those of my readers who are on the fence and about your amazing course?

Overall we’ve created, tested and perfected a powerful software to turn ALL your online campaigns into mini PAYDAYS! Plus with the extensive video training we’ve included it allows ANYONE to make money… that’s the most important part of this you don’t need prior experience or an ‘Online Marketing Degree’ to use it.  It’s all laid out in simple to follow and easy steps…. All you have to do is TAKE ACTION!