We have been facing the continuous change in tech trends. No one is sure when there will be a stop. Neither you can set any standard for use of technology, nor can you be sure that you are secure in every aspect. The internet of everything, online business data, kid’s obsession to smartphones, the stories of anonymous online predators, in fact a lot is roaming around. If you have a cool side of using mobile technology, then you do have a dark side of threats in case of unsafe use.

Whether you call it need for parents to keep their kids safe from cyber bulling, online dating abuse or the concern of employers to provide security to their business data, monitoring is making its way. A fine example is StealthGenie that is helping parents and employers resolving such issues.

How can mobile monitoring bring a relief in the digital life of an individual? If you have concerns and you have a solution in the form of monitoring, it’s great. The real time mobile activities that a monitoring app uncovers provide instant answers to all your questions.

What Mobile Activities The Monitoring App Uncovers In Real Time?

1.      Location Tracking

This feature can help you track the exact location. If you are running a delivery business and want to know where your employee is right now, you can do it with the tracking feature.  Furthermore, if you want to monitor your kids’ location when they go to hangouts with friends, you can do it straightaway.

Other tracking features include location history and Geo-fencing. The Geo-fencing feature works wonder. If you want to limit the entry of your employee and kid at a specific area, then you just need to mark that area in the red zone. In case they go to that area you will be notified via email and SMS.

Do you know that kids are increasingly becoming targets of identity theft? According to child identity theft report, the rate of identity theft for children was 35 times higher than the rate for adults in the same population. The most common way the cyber criminals are adopting is via phishing emails.

2.      Email Activities

In order to keep your kids secure from such online predators, you need to look at their incoming/ outgoing emails to keep a check.

The business communications are also being done by emails. Email improves your market value and uncovers your passion for customer service. As an employer, you should monitor how your employees are communicating with clients and customers.

3.      Internet Browsing Activities

Do you wish to watch out for the mobile activities your employees are involved in during office hours?  Are they dedicated to their assigned tasks or not? With monitoring app you can do that. You can monitor their browsing history and even bookmarked websites.

Similarly, parents are required to provide guidelines for their kids on safe cyber surfing. But what happens is, once kids get exposure to some pornographic or similar harmful sites, they start hiding it. Setting parental controls is one aspect, but monitoring is the best thing that a parent can do to ensure their kids are doing safe searches online.

Among 5 scary statistics about internet safety, 42.1% of kids admit they have seen online porn. One in 16 has been exposed to hardcore pornography. You can say that even if you have set the parental guidelines, kids are vulnerable online. It’s better to monitor the internet activities.

4.      Access To Multimedia

You might be wondering why I would look at photos of my kids. What is wrong in that after all? I might tell you nothing is wrong, it’s only the security that you need to assure. The trend of teens taking selfies and pictures is expanding.

According to Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking journal, 20% students reported sending nude or semi-nude picture/video. It’s the menace that is rising. It needs a check!

How about asking your employee to show his phone if he has saved some recordings of official meetings? You can’t do that. In case you have doubts you need a digital and undetectable tool that can give you remote access to your employee’s phone. You can monitor and can take possible measures if you have found some sensitive company data.

5.      Access To Instant Messengers

The monitoring of instant messengers lies at the top of your monitoring check list. Why? May be I can’t convince you, but these statistics probably can. The sexting ratio among teens is on the rise. ABC 10News reported, 3 in 7 schools were exposed in teen sexting scandal. Look at the details in the video below.

Likewise, today most business deals are being done via text messages. Have a look at the infographic below.

By using monitoring app, you can get access to chats of instant messengers including WhatsApp chats, Viber chats and Skype chats. This can help you a lot. Even you can track a dishonest employee if any.

For parents and employees who are worried about suspicious activities of their kids and employees, this app is a welcome relief. With this app installed in the mobile, you don’t need to be worried again. Install it now and experience the monitoring solution in real-time.

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