Following heavy fighting between Kurdish militias and the Islamic State fighters in neighboring Syria, five persons have been injured when a fired mortar hit a residential area near Kobani, Turkey. The house hit by the mortar shell is just a few kilometers from the Syrian border of Kobani, and it is not immediately clear who fired the mortar shell between Kurdish fighters and IS militants.

Due to the fact that the zone where the heavy fighting in Syria is ongoing is very close to Turkey, the Turkish military has been deployed to man the Turkish border, but the military has not yet engaged. The Turkish military is already prepped for engagement in Syria and Iraq after lawmakers voted in support of the action; and this is to counter the deadly offensive of IS fighters to occupy those areas.

The US military has been engaged in repelling IS militants in Al Mayadin and Raqqa, two Syrian cities, and have even engaged in serious airstrikes that destroyed IS tanks and fighting positions. The US military is set to not only engage the IS terrorists, but to also empower Kurdish fighters and moderate Syrian rebels to rout the IS militants. In line with this intention, the US military has destroyed series of IS targets and assets in Sinjar, Hit, and Fallujah within Iraq.

In a related development, the US vice-president Joe Biden has called the Turkish president, Recep Tayyid Erdogan, to apologize for a credited statement that indicated that the Turkish government arm IS militants and allow them passage through Turkey to Syria. The Turkish president reacted angrily to this accusation, and the White House reports that Biden has called Erdogan to “apologize for any implication that Turkey had intentionally supplied or facilitated the growth” of ISIS militants.

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