Syrian media said on Thursday that the University of Damascus had been hit with mortar fire that resulted in the death of 15 of its students.

Officials from the Syrian government blamed opposition rebels for the mortar attack saying that a number of others were also injured.

The media report said the mortars hit the architecture department at the university. At this time, Damascus, the country’s capital is amidst heavy fighting between rebel forces and the military. Rebel forces are said to have increased the amount of mortars within the city.

A state run television station, al-Ikhbariya said the mortars hit one of the architecture faculties’ cafeterias. Footage of the bombing included doctors attempting to save different victims amid tables and chairs that had been knocked over and shattered glass. Blood could be seen across the entire area of floor.

Since the beginning of the week, there have been at least five people killed in downtown Damascus due to mortar fired. The law faculty of the university was nearly hit last week with mortars.

The United Nations said that more than 70,000 people were killed since protests first started two years ago against the regime of current president Bashar al-Assad.

Conflicting reports have come out about the transfer of Syrian refugees from somewhere in Turkey back to Syria. That followed clashes between many refugees and police due to protesters upset about poor living facilities in Akcakale located in Turkey at a border area with Syria.

Police had to fire canisters of tear gas and many people had been arrested. On news agency in Turkey said many people had also been injured

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