Family doctors and pediatricians across the US face a commonplace doubt or question from parents – ‘Can a child’s vaccination schedule be spaced out?’ invariably, a survey claimed that most of the doctors have resorted to spacing out, as they are afraid of losing business, if the patients switch from one doctor to another pediatrician.


Study Aims At ‘Spacing Out’ Vaccinations

The study has exposed that lately the massive outbreak of measles in Disneyland has been owing to a majority of vaccine doubters. This resulted in 133 people falling prey to sickness. Dr. Sean O’Leary, an emeritus medical practitioner at Children’s Hospital Colorado who helped to carry out the pragmatic study commented that there has been a series of serious issues for a long period of time, as people have resorted to doubt the procedures of vaccination.

If Not Vaccinated, Babies’ Immune Systems Are At Risk

Since their birth, babies get exposed to a plethora of antigens and germs present in the environment. Bacteria and viruses are present in food and they enter the human system incidentally. There are a plethora that lives in nose and mouth. Thus, a kid’s immune system is exposed to a wide spectrum of antigens every hour.

CDC’s Claims

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) researched that a child is exposed to 25-50 antigens every time s/he strep throat. Parents who regress from vaccination stating that they contain metals like aluminum or mercury should know that breast milk contains more metals than that present in a vaccine. CDC is trying to spread the awareness for parents that an un-vaccinated child is immensely vulnerable to all sorts of diseases and infections.

Survey Results

O’Leary and his team surveyed 534 family doctors with 93% admitting that they resorted to the anxiety of the parents with children less than 2 years of age and opted to spread out vaccine schedules. O’Leary was surprised with the survey and saw how pediatricians were stuck! O’Leary corroborated the process of vaccinating kids and stated that an infant can easily respond to 10K vaccines – all at once!

A Lingering Question

Inviting germs, infections and diseases are better than vaccinating an infant regularly and quickly is a petulant question that O’Leary has for every parent who chooses to ‘space out’ vaccination schedules.

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