Motorola announced a new ‘Try Then Buy’ promotion for its Moto X smartphone, almost a year old now, which allows users to deposit one cent and try the Moto X out for two weeks. The buyer will be able to customise the smartphone online and get it shipped over with a SIM included and if they don’t like it, they can send it back within 2 weeks with no additional charge.

The ‘Try Then Buy’ looks to be another one of Motorola’s marketing tactics to try and draw potential buyers in. By offering the smartphone out at a very cheap price it allows people to test drive the experience, if they like it, they can pay for the phone off-contact in a one-time payment after the two week trial is over.

Within a few hours of the Moto X promotion going on sale, Motorola announced they had sold out of trial smartphones. This is not the first time a Moto X promotion has only lasted a few hours and we wouldn’t be surprised if Motorola wants to keep the ‘Try Then Buy’ promotional offer in low quantity, to avoid any screw ups.

The Moto X is definitely still a nice smartphone but cannot be considered top-tier anymore, when Motorola revealed the smartphone Android fans already complained that the resolution and internals were dated and the Moto X was more of a mid-range device. The price now reflects the mid-range internals, but the phone still comes with an impressive design and near-stock Android.

Motorola should be preparing the new Moto X+1 release sometime in the next few months, the original Moto X was launched in August 2013. The Moto X+1 will most likely take the same design as the original and add new internals, more customisable options in the Moto Maker and will be made in China, instead of being made in the United States.

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