According to sources, Motorola invited press on September 4 at Chicago where it will presumably launch new smartphones and reveal details about its Moto 360 smartwatch. Though the company didn’t provide many details in its invitation to press, other than the venue and date. The press conference will take place at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart on September 4. However, on further opening the invitation it included pictures of Motorola’s new generation phones – Moto X handset and its slower, cheaper sibling Moto G including Bluetooth accessories. The upgrade to the Moto X, Moto X+1 is expected. More interestingly, there were also images of smart watch Moto 360 and a pair of ear headphone. From the headphone sketch, interpretations were made that Motorola might be developing smart headphones, which could be wireless.
Moto X was the first handset Google launched after buying Motorola. Therefore, expectations of customers were high as Google was having control over software and hardware for the first time. On its debut on last November, the handset got positive responses. The device had the features of voice recognition, gesture recognition and enhanced display notifications.
In a Google I/O conference, Moto 360 news was revealed, a round-faced Android smartwatch having a unique feature of simple display and long battery life. But, unfortunately, the watch wasn’t officially launched at that point.
Features of Moto 360: –
Moto 360 has ability to forecast weather, sports results and other timely information. It too responds to gestures, touch and voice commands.
It also offers wireless charging that means user doesn’t have to dig out cables every time the battery runs down with a battery life of two-to-two and a half day.
The Moto users have to wait until more details are revealed, but it is confirmed that it will be competing with the tech giant “Samsung” in the first week of September. The Galaxy gadget developer will also be conducting a press conference on September 3 so as to unveil the details of Galaxy Note 4 along with some other products.

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