Motorola Mobility has announced to shut down its Texas based factory where Moto X units were manufactured and assembled by the company. The confirmation came earlier today, and this could be reason of cost cutting measures adopted by its new owner – Lenovo.

There are new rumors spreading on the web that confirms, Motorola is working on a new flagship smartphone called as Moto X +1. The new device is touted to feature a Full-HD 5.2 inches display.

Moto X was released last year and was a flawless device except a few aberrations here and there. There were a few issues with the camera and display resolution. It had many plus which included touch less control which was really amazing, and a 4.7 inch 720p AMOLED display.

However all these are past us since there are rumors which are flying thick and thin, that Motorola is contemplating a Moto X+1 device with a 5.2 inch 1080p display. It could still be an AMOLED display because of active display. Because AMOLED’s ability to light up each pixel makes it an ideal choice in comparison to IPS or another technology.

Motorola is also making news for its closure of its Texas plant where it assembled its customized Moto X. It will be interesting to know if the Moto X+1 will have customization like its predecessors. Customization was a big selling point of Moto X.

It is not clear what kind of specs the Moto X+1 will feature but there will be surely some high end additions to the Moto X. It could have a powerful Snapdragon 801 processor, with 2-3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. It could also feature a microSD card slot since the Moto E and now Moto G both has one,

Rumors about the successor of Moto X have been floating for a long time. An image of the Moto X+1 also appeared online. Last year the Google owned company released Moto E and Motto G smartphones instead. The latest pictures which has been posted online by a Baidu forum user shows the front panels of the rumored Moto X+1 with thin bezels and a golden finish. However the authenticity of the pictures has been disputed.

More details of the alleged successor to the Moto X have surfaced in recent times. Last week popular mobile tipster @evleaks revealed that the next iteration of smartphones from Motorola bears the codename Victara and will feature in the inventories of all the carriers in the U.S. which includes Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

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  2. zach burke

    I love the green led in the moto x, it doesn’t ever get used unless the battery is so dead it can’t light up the screen at all, I wish they had a option where it also lit the led as a notification light

    • Pranay Aggarwal

      Try the app called light flow, it might be able to help…


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