Mozilla, the developers of the internet browser Firefox, has recently confirmed that interim CEO Chris Beard will now permanently serve the role as CEO.

Three months ago, Beard stepped in as interim CEO after Brendan Eich resigned from the position. Eich had previously donated $1,000 to the California Proposition 8, which sought to keep marriage strictly between a man and a woman.

Although he made the donation a few years prior to resigning on April 3, 2014, a number of Mozilla employees and outside parties, including the site OkCupid, asked him to step down. Eich only served as CEO for a couple of weeks – from March 24, 2014 to April 3, 2014.

After his removal, Beard, who has been with Mozilla for almost a decade, took on the role as interim CEO. Beard had first joined Mozilla in 2004, coming in as head of product management. Since them, he has served a number of roles, including being the company’s chief innovation officer and chief marketing officer.

“Over the years, Chris has led many of Mozilla’s most innovative projects,” said Mozilla executive chairwoman Mitchell Baker in a statement. “We have relied on his judgment and advice for nearly a decade. Chris has a clear vision of how to take Mozilla’s mission and turn it into industry-changing products and ideas.”

Beard left the company in 2013 to pursue an executive position at the venture capital firm Greylock Partners, but was called back to Mozilla after the Brendan Eich fiasco.

Beard has been a highly effective CEO, Mozilla employees have said, and is expected to continue doing well.

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