Ashraf Islam a 30-year old was arrested in London following his confession to wanting to murder Prince Harry. After the Metropolitan Police’s Unit on Counter Terrorism investigated Islam, who is from West London, he was charged with threatening to kill the third in line to the throne.

A spokesman from Scotland Yard confirmed on Saturday that Islam had pleaded guilty in court to the charge and will be kept behind bars until he is sentenced at still an undetermined date.

Since the attack in Woolwich, where a former soldier was hacked to death with a weapon resembling a machete, the security for Prince Harry, the Apache pilot, has been reviewed. It is feared that Prince Harry, known amongst his Army buddies as Captain Wales, is the number one target for the Taliban due to the two tours he made in Afghanistan and his support publically for the country’s military causes.

The plot to assassinate the Prince was first revealed following the killing of Lee Rigby. A source said that the security detail for Harry is reviewed constantly and has been stepped up greatly over the past 10 days. The assassination case and the murder of Rigby show there exists a constant danger.

Even though the man was caught this time, security experts know it might be a sign of more things to follow.

Prince Harry’s first tour Afghanistan was in 2008 as an air controller on the ground. In 2012, he was with the Army Air Corps in its 662 Squadron for a stint of four months in Afghanistan and returned to England in January.

In September, while he was in Afghanistan, the Taliban said they were attempting everything in their power to kidnap or assassinate the prince.

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