Soldier Lee Rigby’s murder has caused an anti-Muslim backlash across the United Kingdom. Mosques have been attacked, racial abuse has taken place and comments have hit the social media websites.

Reports of these types of attacks to just one helpline have increased six fold since the Wednesday savage murder of Rigby allegedly perpetrated by Islamic fanatics.

A spokesperson for the helpline said the attacks have been very focused and aggressive.

Newcastle police were getting ready for a rally that was organized by the English Defense League. They arrested three people prior to the event for making alleged racist tweets.

Prior to the murder in Woolwich, the helpline handled by Faith Matters, received between 4 and 8 calls per day reporting abuse, but over the past few days it had received more than 150 calls.

The calls are not in an isolated area, but across the entire country, said Faith Matters’ director Fiyaz Mughal.

The attacks have been very aggressive and there seems to be a great deal of activity online suggesting the coordination of attacks and incidents against places or institutions where Muslims congregate.

Twenty-two year old Benjamin Flatters was to appear before Lincolnshire magistrates for making strong malicious comments on Facebook that were allegedly anti-religious and racist.

Somerset and Avon police had arrested two men for alleged comments that were offensive on Twitter about Rigby’s murder.

London police also arrested two men for making religiously aggravated threats over an east London incident on Thursday inside a fast food establishment.

Surrey police announced they had arrested a 19-year old who was charged with comments on a social media site following the soldier’s murder. Many other arrests have been made throughout England and the UK over alleged attacks and comments against Muslims.

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