Residents in the Northwestern states of Washington and Oregon have aired their concerns over a mysterious rain that has been pounding the area described as ‘white stuff’ and ashy.’ Samples of the samples have been collected and taken for analysis as theories continue to emerge about the origin of the falling milky white and gray rain.

Experts have not yet figured out what might be causing the strange downpour, but all indications according to growing rumors are that it could be from one of the active volcanoes. A Russian active volcano four thousand miles away has already been suggested as the main cause of the ashy and white stuff. The Shiveluch volcano located on the Russian peninsula recently released 20,000 foot ash plume covering the entire Northwest Pacific.

CNN Meteorologist, Derek Van Dam, on his part, believes the ashy rain could be as a result of a volcano in Southwest Colima, Mexico that erupted on February 4. The volcano is located 2,000 miles from where the two affected states are. The volcanic ash spotted in the two states could have been carried by a strong southerly jet stream moving across the northwestern Pacific area.

The U.S national weather service is expected to conduct investigations that could include recreating atmospheric flows from past weather conditions. The only way the origin of the mysterious white ash could be determined is by carrying out tests on the dispersion and reaction of pollutants within the atmosphere.

Hybrid Single-Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectory program is to be used to back engineer where a pollutant will travel as well as determining its origin. Locals have already collected samples of the white stuff in a bid of assisting the experts in determining where the ash may have originated from. While foreign volcanoes have been attributed to the white ash in the rain, Washington still leads the country with some pf the most active volcanoes in the country.

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