NEW DELHI, INDIA – BJP, the opposition party is leading the election vote counting and is likely to clearly form the next government of world’s biggest democratic nation – India.

According the latest update of counting, BJP alliance is leading for 316 seats our of total 543 constituency seats. It is now almost clear that Narendra Modi is going to take oath as the next Prime Minister of India.

Our reporters from India has reported that its carnival time at the BJP’s office in New Delhi, and people of India seems to be happy with the results.

“People saw in Modi the hope of development and good governance,” said Nalin S. Kohli, a party spokesperson. “It is with a degree of humility that I say Modi will win conclusively from Varanasi and that’s a given.”

The UPA alliance is able to secure only 72 seats till now. Congress party that has ruled the government for past 10 years has been clearly swept out by the people of India.

The saffron colored flags can be seen everywhere in India. People are celebrating the victory of BJP and expecting to see Narendra Modi to lead their nation.

The Indian Stock Market has soared to the highest point and crossed 25,000 points mark for the first time in history. Indian news media is clearly saying that it is the wave of Modi.

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