Our universe is huge and time and again, the possibilities of existence of life beyond Earth have proven to be true. In their recent announcement, the NASA scientists said that the space agency is close in its finding to reach the proximate-most alien life and interact with it.

The scientists are anticipating that this may happen in a span of just a decade. In their panel discussion held recently, NASA said that it is putting in the best shot to find out the alien life.

This would be the biggest discovery of Earth. Ellen Stofan, the chief scientist of NASA said that the agency believes that within next 10 years, there will be very strong indications of life existing beyond this planet. Within next two to three decades, Ellen Stofan says, the evidence will be absolutely definite.

Interaction with the aliens soon possible: NASA

NASA knows the address of alien life

Ellen Stofan says that the agency knows where to find them and how to look for them. In various steps or cases, she adds, NASA has the access to technology and they are on the way to implement it as well.

The study conducted at University of Hawaii finds out radio bursts having weird mathematical patterns. According to the researchers, these are possibly sent by the intelligent form of life.

What next?

In its future course of action, NASA is planning to send its rovers to Europa, the moon of Mars. These rovers will find out if it was possible for life to exist on Mars, or if there are signs of life that existed there around millions of years ago.

Alien life existing near Milky Way

There have been various reports existing in space.com, which clearly propose the existence of aliens in proximity to our galaxy. Kepler Space Telescope of NASA has already suggested that the planets like Mars and Earth are very common in Milky Way, in comparison to other planets like Saturn and Jupiter, which are more of gas giants. NASA’s most important theory is that it is most likely that Mars is habitable.

According to Astrophysics Division Director of NASA, Paul Hertz, Milky Way is quite soggy. He says that NASA can clearly see water existing in interstellar clouds, the place where stellar systems and planetary systems occur.

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