NASA, the US space agency has recently announced that it will work alongside Environmental Protection Agency, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as well as the U.S. Geological Survey in order to create a toxic algae forecasting system that will be based on satellite. The bodies will work together on the project worth $3.6 million in order to monitor as well as predict the toxic algae blooms in the freshwater, by making use of the satellite technology.


Working of the Project

All these agencies will function with an objective of using the satellite data of ocean color in order to create early predictions and warnings so that the animals and people can be kept at a safer distance from the hazards caused by toxic algae related freshwater ailments. With the help of this data, the agencies will create the information distribution mechanisms and systems so as to pass the information.

Research in the project involved

Paula Bontempi of the Earth Sciences Division of NASA explains that the most idealistic method of dealing with this kind of the public health issue is through the observations that are made from space instruments. This is so because, the instruments based in space can give the global coverage along with the capability of facilitating in-depth information regarding the materials present in water, as well as the algal blooms.

The project will also encompass the research regarding the environmental causes including the phytoplankton viruses and marine cyanobacteria. Also, the research will include the effect of toxic algae on public health.

NASA also said that the researchers from the government bodies will work towards the identification of those activities that lead to intensity and frequency of these algae blooms. This shall be done with the help of comparison of satellite records regarding information on freshwater algae and land cover modifications.

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