“There are possibilities of there being life in the Jupiter-orbiting moon Ganymede”. This is according to scientists who confirmed to have discovered an ocean beneath Ganymede. The ocean sits under a 95-mile-thick sheet of ice and the scientists added that its depth is estimated to be 60 miles. All along this has been a suspicion which will no longer be after the use of Hubble Space Telescope which revealed the evidence.

It is expected that these finding will bring to an end a mystery about Jupiter which is said to be the largest moon within the solar system. The researchers used the data collected from the Telescope to measure the motions of auroras that occurred as a result of the moon’s magnetic field.

The possibilities of life within Jupiter moon Ganymede

The whole of this exercise a whole seven – hour as researchers run through more than 100 computer models just to see if there was anything more than just having an impact on Ganymede’s aurora. “This is one of the most outstanding demonstrations according to Director Jim Green the Director of NASA Planetary Science Division.

In addition to this, astronomer Heidi Hammel added that this was a step forward into finding more possibility of having a habitable, water-rich environment within the solar system.

If the discovery of Jupiter moon Ganymederemains intact, then it will be rated as the moon that has more water than any other ocean on earth. It will also be sloted into the records of the moons that are said to have subsurface water. The records and the reports from scientists indicated that Saturn’s moon Enceladus has got hot springs underneath its icy crust.

H0wever, the rotation of Ganymede is like a light house which influences the aurora and it is said to have a weak magnetic field. This was said by Joachim Saur who is a geophysicist with the University of Cologne found in Germany.

Other moons moons within the category of Jupiter moon Ganymede include Callisto and Jupiter moons Europa.

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