Washington D.C. – The U.S. space agency, NASA is in the process of rolling out a new 4K television channel that will stream ultra-high definition (UHD) content. The agency has partnered with Harmonic for the new UHD TV project. NASA hopes that the new 4K TV channel will go live on satellite and online on November 1, 2015, if everything unfolds as expected.

NASA is developing the first free consumer UHD TV channel in North America. The channel will be available via satellite, but can also be streamed on the Internet. However, streaming the NASA’s 4K TV channel on the Internet will require strong Internet speed of at least 13Mbps.

The NASA UHD TV will stream videos from the International Space Station (ISS) and other space missions. To make the delivery of the UHD television content possible, NASA has teamed up with Harmonic, a company well-known for its superior video conveyance technology.

The new NASA 4K TV will be content-rich. Programming will include content from NASA’s current missions and footage of historical missions that have been recorded over the years. Another content programming will include NASA’s advancements and live launches.

Talks to bring access via cable networks

In addition to the availability of the NASA UHD TV on satellite and Web, Harmonic is also in talks with providers to make the new UHD TV available through cable networks.

According to NASA official, Robert Jacobs, the partnership with Harmonic will ensure that the agency has access to an outlet for UHD content. Moreover, Jacobs said that the content that the agency will deliver through the new UHD TV channel will be four times the quality of normal HD content.

Peter Alexander of Harmonic, on his part, said that they are working with NASA to bring its exciting journeys into space to life in every home.

Even before the announcement of the new 4K TV channel, NASA had installed a 4K camera on ISS in low Earth orbit.

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