NASA – In the year 1969 astronauts took their first walk on the moon. That said and in their strong desire to discover what happens in Mars; Scientists are already hard cracking their minds on how they can build a justifiable colony on Mars. However, the big question now is, how to they get to survive there?

This is a question that has been thrown back to the public by NASA and in the form of competition with a final award of $15,000. The grand prize will be shared between three finalists and any person intending to get into this very tempting game is expected to give written submissions.

The competitors will be expected to write in details what exactly the astronaut and explorers will require so as to accomplish their mission of colonizing the said planet successfully.

Some of the potential topics that the competitors are expected to handle in detail include air, shelter, social interaction, food, medicine, water, and exercise. The competition sounds broad, but there are more challenges that are expected if colonization is to be done.

Over time and through the years, many more people with a majority being scientists and space enthusiasts have been dreaming of the day when they will have a chance to explore the planet.

According to NASA chief scientist Ellen Stofan, it is only in mid-2030’s that the presence of human being is expected to take place in Mars. This is the sole reason that NASA is tirelessly working towards a tangible but innovative solution. The earlier this is achieved, the better and without so much cost.

With this in mind and with the progress that is already in place to accomplish this, NASA is now seeking for collaboration with various private entities. In essence and as per Stofan statement, the whole world should get involved in this noble task.

Everyone including the kids would want to have an experience in Mars. Hence, the reason NASA has made this project a public affair so that everyone can have a feel of participation.

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