Our nearest star has a new and gaping square shaped hole on its surface. The images of the square dark hole were taken by NASA Solar Dynamic Observatory this week. The square and dark hole reveals a spot from where solar winds are streaming out into the space. Thankfully there is nothing to worry for the Earthlings since it will not be crossing the path of our planet.

The phenomenon is known as Coronal Hole and is caused due to a gap in the Sun’s magnetic field. Devoid of the magnetic field the material from the sun freely stream into the space.NASA has stated that since the hole is far south on the Sun there is no chance of it crossing the path of the Earth. Solar winds are the cause of Auroras which are visible in the North. The solar wind also has the potential to cause harm and can damage communication systems and satellites.

NASA explains that the  hole looks dark because there is a paucity of plasma and hence less material which emits UV light. The dark spots within the dark hole are the remnants of the magnetic field which does not die completely.

The shape of the Coronal hole is square shaped and there is no particular significance of its shape though the shape is a bit unusual. The Coronal holes appear periodically on the sun and can be of any shape and size often covering one quarter of the Sun’s surface. Comets and asteroids also crash into the sun and burn up. This can be visualized with the help of a coronagraph, which blocks direct light from the sun so dimmer objects can be seen.

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