A new space exploration vehicle known as Swarmie has been developed by NASA. This is a new space exploration robot that is suitable for navigating all terrains, and can be controlled by a remote to achieve exploration and search missions. Although it is still being modified for more tasks, Swarmie has been built to have intelligence of its own through sophisticated software that allows it to work with others as a team for achieving common purpose.

This particular space probe vehicle comes equipped with a WI-Fi, a webcam, and a GPS system, and it does not look particularly appealing to the eyes even though they appear more colorful than other probes that NASA had ever made. The Swarmie can work and relate with other Swarmies through a complex software to get things done, and they can be directed to any location or geographical area to search out and report on things.

Swarmies are made to work together as a group, and their capability to think as one even though they are different and distinct machines is unusual of other machines. They can think together, and work together to achieve set goals in any search and rescue operations. To successfully carry out search and rescue operations in difficult terrains and under collapse wrecks, they are currently being fitted with a digger to allow them mine or burrow under wrecks to search and rescue objects or trapped persons.

Researchers at NASA are thinking of ultimately using them in real-life situations to search and rescue trapped persons from collapsed buildings and scenes of natural disasters like earthquakes among others. Acting with the resolve of ants in a colony, Swarmies will eventually be used to probe space and to rescue survivors from disaster zones. Have you thought why they were named Swarmies? Probably because they will swarm around like ants and work with a common resolve to achieve assigned tasks.

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