The NASA’s Curiosity rover wheels are experiencing wear and tear after navigating the Red Planet’s terrain on Mars, prompting the handlers to change its route to another area that was initially unplanned for it.

The Curiosity rover arrived Thursday, August 12, to take samples and photos in Mars and has even reached Mount Sharp, a mountainous region that is almost as big as the Mt. Rainer in Washington.

According to a NASA official, the arrival of the rover at the Martian mountain signified a “scientific sequel” that was a breakthrough feat for the machine and the handlers behind its operations.

According to the director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division, Jim Green, “Curiosity now will begin a new chapter from an already outstanding introduction to the world. After a historic and innovative landing along with its successful science discoveries, the scientific sequel is upon us.”

The wear and tear occurring on the wheels of the Curiosity rover is not stopping it on its mission, and operators are rather finding new tracks and terrains for the machine to cover and navigate with a view to collecting more samples and taking more pictures that provide definite information about life in Mars.

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