The society is in love with their cars and their iPhones too, but sometimes using both simultaneously doesn’t make a perfect combination. Navigation and smart applications provide a great road trip experience but controlling these while driving can come out to be dangerous.

There’s an incompatibility between concentrating to arm’s length touch screens and paying attention to massive steel engines and bodies moving at 120km/h. While Apple and Google are showing their interest in automobile using CarPlay and Android Auto, they need to use the center dashboard for the main display. The Navdy HUD (Heads up Display) system is placed on the dashboard of the car between the steering wheel and windshield with a display that projects an image that appears in the windshield. The projected display is connected to iPhone or android via Bluetooth and applications like Google Maps so as to navigate the roads without checking the phone or center console for once.

The Navdy unit is connected to the dash via a combined silicon friction mount and a magnetic interlock, which supports apps such as Google Maps and music streaming apps like Pandora, Spotify. The Navdy unit also provides with multitasking facility. Any SMS or incoming calls take a part of the display, with continuous display of speed and next turns. Incoming calls can be received with gestures like left-right swipes and thumbs up without fumbling for the phone. For text messages, voice control facility is used which reads the content aloud.

According to sources, there’s a positive response for this technology. Though mileage varies because of the real world placement on a hot dashboard, but Navdy’s team has stated that they can deliver HUD technology that can perform well in any driving conditions. Navdy offers a 30 day pre-order campaign with a discount of $299. The team is hoping to cross $60,000 through these pre-orders with a sale price of $499.

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