A cloth bag filled with souvenirs about astronaut Neil Armstrong comes to light, almost 45 years after the Apollo 11 moon landing. Allan Needell, a curator at the National Air and Space Museum, said during a recent interview that the museum was informed about the bag back in 2013 by Armstrong’s widow, Carol. She found the bag while cleaning out a closet in their Cincinnati home. He regarded this discovery to be extraordinarily exciting.

Dr. Needell said the documentation of the finding concluded just recently, and that’s when the museum authorities decided to make public announcement of the bag discovery.

Armstrong referred to the items as miscellaneous equipment and weight, in communications with mission control in Houston. An astronaut reported those items weighing about 10 pounds. Astronauts are known to capture and gather some unneeded pieces of equipment as souvenirs and even Congress has recently approved a resolution allowing such practice.

In August 2013, Armstrong died at age of 82 and he apparently never shared with anyone about his mementos from the historic moon landing.

Needell informed that the images taken by the camera are much clear and detailed than the ones shown on TV in 1969. The film cartridges were already removed and so the device was no longer needed.

Among the artifacts found from the bag include a 16 mm movie camera that filmed its descent to the moon. It also captured Armstrong’s first steps on the moon’s surface and the astronauts planting the American flag. The bag was filled with 20 such items, renewing the memories from the Apollo 11 lunar lander.

Other small pieces included a waist tether, a mirror, utility lights and cables, an emergency wrench, a helmet tie-down, netting and a waste-management cover.

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  1. Ron Nussbeck

    The Apollo 11 moon landing, a cloth bag full of souvenirs brought back by astronaut Neil Armstrong has come to light but beg more questions than the media has asked.
    Apollo 11 splash down in the Pacific Ocean, where they are immediately airlifted into quarantine aboard the USS Hornet while Mission Control celebrates. Photos show the Astronauts were in a raft floating next to the re-entry module carrying no bags, cameras or any other devices. The truth is the Module and the Astronauts went different directions. Any investigation of these facts would prove that those items Neil Armstrong has in the bag never went to the Moon, they would have Moon dust still on them. This smells to high heaven what do you think?


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