Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) acquired company — Nest Labs, is now moving forward to make connected devices belonging to the category of “Internet of things.” The thermostat and smoke detector manufacturer has announced a new programme asking developers to integrate their services into the next generation of devices from Nest labs.

Nest Labs have released a development kit for the developers and other companies to integrate their services into the Nest labs’ devices. The company is looking forward to connecting cars, washing machines and even doors with the Nest devices in order to make the most advanced home automation system ever. The market is already having devices controlling the household systems, however, least or no devices are capable of communicating with the other. Nest approach to create a communication link in between the fridge and TV will result in an efficient and robust home automation system.

“The Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect alarm are already helping people save energy, stay comfortable, and improve home safety – but that’s only the beginning,” said Matt Rogers, founder and vice president of engineering, Nest. “Our goal has always been to bring this kind of thoughtfulness to the rest of your home and life – and that’s what the Nest Developer Program is all about. To kick off the program, we’ve worked with iconic brands like Mercedes-Benz and Whirlpool, as well as new industry leaders like Jawbone and LIFX, to build seamless, secure and practical Works with Nest experiences for the home.”

Days are not so far when you can ask your Mercedes to turn on the thermostat or even delay it till you reach the home. “When we first heard about the Nest Developer Program, we knew we wanted to be a part of it,” said Phil Bosua, LIFX founder and CEO. “Nest brings a whole other dimension to LIFX. Who would have thought by combining Nest products and LIFX products, we could help save lives?”

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