For those who are too old, obese, or diabetic to carry out rigorous health exercises for improved health, Nestle researchers at its Institute of Health Sciences in Lausanne, Switzerland, are developing a consumable product tagged “health in a bottle” to burn body fats without much physical exercises.

The would-be bottled product is being developed for people that can’t withstand rigorous exercises for health reasons, and for those that are too busy to undergo fat-burning exercises for maximal health. Although the product is still far from being available on stock shelves or approved by medical regulatory authorities, the developers are quite positive it will be a breakthrough product when released to the market.

The Nestle researchers say they understand the mechanism by which enzymes regulate metabolism, and how the enzymes can be stimulated with a compound known as C13. And having gotten hold of natural substances that act as metabolic triggers for the simulation of physical bodily exercises, the nutritional scientists only need to acquire some plant and fruit extracts to modulate the enzyme AMPK, which serves as the master metabolic switch to control how the body breaks down or utilizes fats and sugars.

According to Kei Sakamoto, a diabetes and circadian rhythms researcher at Nestle, “The enzyme can help people who can’t tolerate or continue rigorous exercise. They would get similar effects with less strain. Instead of 20 minutes of jogging or 40 minutes of cycling, it may help boost metabolism with moderate exercise, such as brisk walking.”

Having carried out due lab tests on mice to fully measure the benefits of C13 compound in controlling fats, the researchers are elated that the research so far shows that the element is able to stop the liver from further fat production, and this would be of immense benefits to human users.

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