Drug enforcers and counselors in Florida are keeping a close eye on a new dangerous drug on the street that is unleashing maniacal paranoia and rage. Crime rates attributed to Flakka have risen at an alarming rate in Florida, from 85 in 2012 to highs of 670 in 2014. Law enforcement agencies have now been put on alert trained on how to detect people high on the bizarre drug.

Flakka comes in a crystalline rock and can be smoked snorted or swallowed in capsules and goes for as less as $5, with effects that last from three hours to three days. The drug has already been termed ‘$5 insanity’ as its effects have never been seen anywhere. The drug comes with all the side effects you can imagine be it delirium, delusions, hallucinations, aggressions or nightmarish vision.


When a police officer from Fort Lauderdale encountered James West, who had smoked Flakka, the culprit was convinced that he had been chased by 25 people from the downtown bus station to the police station. He was out of breath and bleeding above his eye. Surveillance showed west pounding, prying and throwing stones at the stations hurricane-glass lobby.

The dangerous drug is the latest derivative to come out of designer drug phenomena a lineage made of Ecstasy, MDMA, Molly and bath salts. The drug contains chemical compound alpha-PVP, a highly addictive synthetic stimulant the drug burst into the limelight last summer when law enforcement agencies saw it selling cheap.

Its cost means that everybody can get it, making it extremely difficult to control its usage. The compound can be found in bath salts and has not yet been banned, making it highly appealing to teens. The effects of the drug are stronger because it is taken by cells directly, on a concentrated manner. Using the drug can lead to kidney damage and failure as a result of body temperature hitting highs of 106 degrees Fahrenheit.

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