Apple is still giving everyone the silent treatment when it comes to their wearable device, CEO Tim Cook has dropped the hints a few times saying that 2014 will be a year of new markets, but other than that we have no juice on the new smartwatch.

According to Rosenblatt Securities analyst Brian Blair, Taiwan is already a hotspot for news on the iWatch and he came back with some juicy gossip surrounding the smartwatch, most importantly confirming Apple will be using a rounded design.

We already thought Apple would consider the rounded watch face over the rectangular option, considering this is how most regular watches look and Apple will want to go with the authentic look, rather than something very noticeable.


Blair draws similarities to the Moto 360 smartwatch revealed a few months ago by Motorola, coming with a circular watch-face. The iWatch will have a slimmer profile than the Moto 360, according to his sources, we cannot figure out if this is a good or bad thing.

On the one side, the iWatch will be slimmer, less noticeable and most likely a drop down on the weight department, on the other side it means the battery might be smaller and internally the iWatch might be less of an exciting device than the Moto 360.

Apple will be making two versions of the iWatch, one for males and one for females. This is surprising, given the iPhone and iPad are both unisex and the iWatch should be taken as a gadget, not an actual brand that needs to be differentiated by gender.

Mass production will start in July or August with a release date in October, after the iPhone 6 has been announced. Apple is prepared to sell between 18 and 21 million iWatch units in the opening year, with a lot more in 2015 when they have the base market.

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