Released Thursday, the new set of rules in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans contained in a 571-page report now okays cutting into red meat, taking one or two eggs, and even consuming up to five cups of coffee a day – not necessarily to indulge you as reward for your labor, but because these are found to be good for your health.

Recommended by a panel of doctors and nutritionists, the report will be reviewed by the Agriculture and Health and Human Service Departments before they set the official 2015 dietary guidelines later this year. Released every 5 years, this new dietary recommendation will influence everything from school lunches to medical advice given by doctors.


Among other things, below are highlights of the dietary report:


While you may not necessarily bother about cholesterol, the new dietary report says you must still worry about saturated fat. Saturated fat should make up 8% of your diet, and not 10% as was recommended last time – and that’s about two or three spoonfuls of butter for an American eating the average 2,000 calories a day.


The report gives you the go-ahead to consume between three to five cups of coffee a day because it has been found to cut the risks of heart disease and diabetes; although you are warned not to include whole milk, cream, or sugar to it.


It is okay to not worry about the natural sugar in fruits and milk, but you may need to avoid adding sugar or at least limit yourself to the recommended 200 calories a day – the amount in one 16-ounce soda.


You can never overfeed yourself on vegetables and fruits, and the report recommends any plant-based food but never too much animal-based food.


Experts warn of limiting your daily sodium intake to 2,300 milligrams per day, but unfortunately people still consume up to 3,400 milligrams of salt daily. Cut back on your sodium, and consider reducing canned soups and deli meats.


You may take yoghurt but only low-fat ones, and you may also need to reduce your energy drinks and also cut back on alcohol.

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