The Google Maps app has just added a new “Explore” button, allowing users to get find nearby places to eat, shop, or visit by just tapping “Explore.”

The new Google Maps app feature allows users to get information about nearby places and events based on a number of variables. Location, time of day, and even weather will come into play, allowing people to find exactly what they are looking for.

“On vacation and want to know where the locals go? Looking for a new place to grab food on your lunch break? Waiting on the platform for your next train and wondering when it’s scheduled to arrive? Starting this week, you can spend less time searching for your answer and more time exploring the world with the Google Maps app for Android and iOS,” wrote Taj Campbell, Google Maps product manager.

“Now, whenever you want to discover places in your area, simply tap the new Explore button at the bottom right corner of your map to get a quick look at what’s nearby (where available),” he wrote. “With Explore as your guide, you’ll see different places and activities that adapt to each area and moment throughout your day. This also works when you’re browsing other neighborhoods and cities on the map so you can plan your day’s outing or daydream about your next vacation.”

It actually looks pretty useful. For example, it will warn users about going to an outdoor venue if there is a chance of rain, or it can tell someone if a restaurant or store is still open or not.

If a person is looking for a specific location, the Google Maps app “Explore” button can find it if it is nearby (ranging from a five minute walk to a 20 minute drive). After getting to the location, a user can tap the map and open up reviews of the place, and nearby public transportation.

Essentially, the “Explore” button for the Google Maps app just looks like a pseudo-upgrade of the features already present in the app. Either way, it could be useful for people who live in the city or someone looking for some nearby fun.

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