Diabetes is often termed a silent killer. It is one disease which has an adverse effect on almost every major organ of the body. This includes the kidneys, retina, liver and the heart. Diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate and the stress of modern day living is responsible for this increase to a very large extent.

Diabetes has thus become a major challenge for the medical community. Till date even after exhaustive research efforts, the medical community has not been able to find a successful and satisfactory cure for this scourge of modern times.  One of the biggest causes of worry is the rapid rise in the Type 2 Diabetes cases.

Researchers in Mexico and US have recently unearthed a genetic clue which has been indicted for causing the type 2 diabetes.

The new gene which had gone undetected till now has been unearthed now. The persons who carry this particular gene in their body are 25% more prone to develop Type 2 diabetes. People who have inherited this gene from their parents are 50% more likely to suffer Diabetes.

José Florez, associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School feels that most of the genetic studies have largely used samples taken from persons of European or Asian descent which led to the skipping of the culprit genes which are altered at different intervals in other populations.

However including the samples taken from persons of Mexicans and Latin origins led to the discovery of the strongest genetic risk factors which will throw more light on the pathways to target with drugs and a deeper understanding of the disease. SLC16A11, is the name of the higher risk form of gene and has been located in more than half the people who have recent Native American ancestry, including Latin Americans while it is found in 20% of the East Asians and is rare in persons from Europe and Africa.

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