In 2008, Barack Obama won New Hampshire by 10 percentage points and he currently leads Mitt Romney, the hometown candidate by nearly 7%. However, the most recent polls to be released show the presidential race is tightening.

Throughout 2012, the two candidates have traded back and forth the lead in the Granite State. In April, a Dartmouth College survey had Romney in front by 2% and then a number of polls had Obama in front during June. A recent poll, that is right leaning, known as the Rasmussen Poll, showed a tie, but an average of all the polls that are taken has Obama leading by over 4%.

Some voters are saying after the first debate that Romney is more aware about the economy than Obama is. That, they say is important, as more jobs are needed for the economy to grow. While, on the other hand, other voters in New Hampshire support Obama as he represents all that the American Dream has come to mean.

Very few political analysts believe that Thursday’s debate between Vice President Joe Biden and the Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan will affect the polls that much in New Hampshire. However, many voters polled in New Hampshire said they wanted to watch the vice presidential debate, but not to make a determination on whom to vote for but in order to see knock down drag out political sparring between the two candidates.

One voter in New Hampshire said it would be entertaining. Another, who supports Romney, said he hoped that Ryan was able to dominate Biden.


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