A new kind of ice cream has been developed by chef and physicist Manuel Linares that actually changes color when you lick it.

The ice cream, called Xamaleón, is a multi-fruit flavored wonder. When a person licks it, the heat generated from that person’s tongue and the acidity of the person’s saliva changes the ice cream’s color.

Starting out as a periwinkle blue, the frozen treat changes to pink and purple after being licked. Although it sounds like it could be unsafe or harmful to eat, Linares has said that it is actually made with natural ingredients. He has not disclosed what those ingredients are, however, as the recipe is still patent pending.

A while back, Linares, who is a trained physicist, decided he wanted to broaden his horizons by learning how to cook. He took some classes at the Hotel Business School Hoffman in Barcelona, one of which was an ice cream class. It as in that class that Linares was asked to create a new flavor of ice cream by his instructor, and he replied with an astounding answer.

“When he asked me what type I was going to make, I said one that changes colour,” Linares said in the Australian Times. “Everyone laughed, but as a physicist I know that there are various possibilities that might work and I was delighted when I managed to crack it and create an ice cream the changes colour.”

The color-changing ice cream is currently available to eat at a store that Linares owns, called IceXperience. Sadly, it is located in Spain, so those of us living in the United States will have to wait a little bit longer to try it. Linares has said that he wants to expand his market, however he did not elaborate on when that would occur.

A video of the ice cream changing color can be seen below!

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  1. georgebeach

    This is a stupid idea! Just what we need, more chemicals in our food for no good reason!


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