Hollywood actresses Eva Longoria, Kerry Washington and Scarlett Johansson are featured in a new ad condemning the Republican Party for its stance on abortion.

The ad was made by MoveOn.org a liberal group. The ad was released on Monday and was directed by Rob Reiner the famous filmmaker. It will run nationally and in the important battleground states of Virginia and Colorado, said a spokesperson from the group. The ad will be featured during shows that are viewed primarily by women.

Johansson appears in the ad saying she wanted to talk to the viewer about women and then Washington mentions Romney’s name. They said that Romney wants to end the funding for Planned Parenthood and that included cancer screenings.

In addition, the actresses mention that Romney wants to overturn the Roe vs. Wade decision and that there are Republicans that want to redefine rape. Additionally, they talk about forcing women to have to have ultrasounds that are invasive. The ad says if you think the results of the upcoming election will not affect your life then you should think again. The ad ends with each actress saying to vote and vote for Obama.

Reiner in a prepared statement said Romney and Paul Ryan his running mate would eviscerate the rights of women if elected this November. Reiner continued in his statement by saying, the Republicans want to stop abortions, stop access to screenings for cancer and birth control. He concluded by saying that as a father, husband and son he could not let something like that take place.


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