U.S nuclear experts said Iran would reach, by 2014, critical capability of producing sufficient weapon grade uranium to produce at minimum one nuclear bomb. The experts said that the U.S. and its allies must intensify the sanctions on Iran before the Islamist country reached that point.

The report continued on to say that President Obama must clearly state that military action will be taken by the U.S. to prevent the acquiring of a nuclear bomb by Iran.

The International Atomic Energy Agency, the nuclear watchdog of the United Nations, expressed concern that the nuclear program in Iran contains a military dimension. Iran, which has insisted the program is only for energy purposes, has called those baseless allegations.

The new report produced by five experts of nonproliferation will be released Monday. The report contained content that said based on the trajectory currently of the nuclear program in Iran, it is estimated that critical capability could be reached by the middle of 2014.

Critical capability was defined in the report as the point where the country could produce sufficient uranium that is weapon grade for at least one bomb without any detection.

The report also suggests that the U.S. and its many allies intensify their sanctions against Iran before mid 2014 because once there is enough weapon grade uranium available in Iran it will be much more difficult to put a halt to the program using military action.

In addition, the report suggested that the government of the U.S. should announce its intend to impose a de facto embargo on trade and investments with Tehran, if Iran does not comply with resolutions set down by the Security Council of the United Nations.


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