According to the several reports that have emerged on the Internet, Apple Inc has been rumored to manufacture an iPhone 6C with 4-inch of screen, however, analysts believe that it is very unlikely to happen. Reports suggest that the company isn’t going backwards by manufacturing the smaller iPhones.

However, Apple Inc is expected to pack the existing iPhone 6 in the plastic body during the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus launch. Digitimes earlier reported that the company is working to launch three iPhones this year, iPhone 6S, 6C and 6S Plus.


All of these three iPhones will have fingerprint sensors, Touch ID and the Retina display. However, Apple’s latest technology, Force Touch, which senses even the amount of pressure applied on the trackpad or the touch screen, is probably going to appear only in the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

iPhone 6C has least chances that it will end up having a Force Touch enabled display in it. Digitimes reported that the company is also ordering LTPS (Low-temperature polycrystalline silicon) displays from LG, Sharp, Japan display and many other display pioneers in the industry.

It is without a doubt that the iPhone 5C was one of the cheapest iPhone company has ever built, however, it didn’t receive a decent sales figure. Apple Inc primarily launched it for providing cheaper iPhone in South-Asian countries, however, the lowest bar was so high that it didn’t gather a good sale. We will have to wait till September to see how the new iPhone 6C will perform.

Apart from that, company will also be introducing a new iOS this summer. Dubbed as iOS 9, it will have support for the Force Touch and the applications using it. Apple is expected to introduce it during the WWDC conference which is expected to happen anytime in the month of July this year.

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