The sixth leading cause of death in the United States, Alzheimer’s disease, which affects almost 5 million Americans today is expected to take a much wider toll and affect as many as 15 million of them within the next five years. Researchers believe that the year 2015 will be vital in the fight against this deadly degenerative disease which causes irreversible brain damage.

The FDA which has not approved of any new medicines that could help in treating the deadly killer since 2003 might do so soon as The Boston University Alzheimer’s Disease Center and Boston Medical Center are conducting many trials and studies, involving one that brings significant hope.

As of now, there are only five approved drugs to treat Alzheimer’s disease, all of which are intended at slowing down early symptoms of the disease in some people. The new research which focuses on observing the effects of a drug known as T-817MA, is unique in the sense that it is meant for people who are already suffering from dementia. The path breaking drug could change the course of treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, it is being predicted.

As per Dr. Robert Stern, Director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Center, the ongoing study is among the most promising approaches aimed at slowing down the disease in someone who is already suffering from moderate stages of dementia.

“The changes in the brain in Alzheimer’s disease start maybe 20 years before the first symptoms and then get worse and worse as the disease gets further along”, said Stern. Adding to it, Stern also said that if this drug shows positive results then it will slow that progression which can help the person to maintain a much better quality of life without deteriorating.

The ‘magical’ drug is now moving on to Phase 2 of trials, which means it has passed the first hurdle successfully and was considered to be safe for being tested on larger groups of patients. The drug could help bring succour to millions suffering from this disease.

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