Electronic Cigarettes might not be the ultimate solution to get rid of smoking since a study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine states a bold fact: when e-cigarettes are cranked up to high voltages, the liquid inside decomposes to produce fumes of formaldehyde that goes into the lungs along with the vapor. Formaldehyde is a well known chemical known to be harmful for human beings and has also been known as a cancer-promoting agent.

Using such “cranked –up” e-cigarettes increase the risk of cancer by 15 times according to the journal.

However, Matthew Thomas, the 24 year old General Manager of Emaginevapor in the Oaks Mall suggests us to take these reports with a healthy grain of salt. According to him, while conventional cigarettes might contain more than 7000 chemicals, e-cigarettes on the other hand have only 4 main ingredients. Moreover, the 24 year old also goes as far as stating that the reports in the journal were inaccurate / implausible since it is impossible to use the e-cigarettes at such high voltages.

Also, the electronic cigarettes produce the lightest amount of formaldehyde or none at all when it operates at optimum temperatures. However, James Pankow of the Portland State University made it clear that the report does not say that e-cigarettes are better than traditional ones only by keeping one chemical in focus.

However, things seem to be a little low for electronic cigarettes as Dr Barry Hummel, a pediatrician and the communications director for the Tobacco Prevention Network of Florida, has recommended to avoid using e-cigarettes since no one knows the exact long-term effects of the device. Only after a thorough series of tests can someone state the entire list of pros and cons of the electronic device.

Electronic Cigarettes witnessed a bloom in sales after proving that it helps to avoid the major lung diseases, which are otherwise caused by traditional cigarettes.

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